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Elijah Wood on The Heaven and Earth Show

Please don't redistribute them without saying so, thanks. Oh and there's a slight disc jump in part 02, Graham Norton somehow popped up in the middle of the show for a split second so I edited him out.

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OMG I didn't realise it until now, but Elijah talks SO MUCH. It's like "shut up already!" Lol, but he's said some really sweet things and I've typed it all up!

Ignore all the typos, I'm gonna have to fix them when I'm on my own computer, laptop keyboards suck. Oh and I'll find out what Emma's question was and edit it later.

Emma: Elijah, welcome to heaven and earth
Elijah: Thank you
Emma: Thank you very much for joining us. Now your new film Green Street, er to over-simplify the plot massively, a young American lad, kinda drops out of college, comes to England, gets involved in football hooliganism
Elijah: Becomes a - becomes a hooligan
Emma: Becomes a hooligan himself, why pick this role?
Elijah: Well, I was very very fascinated with the subject matter, um, these kinda firms and these like small little organised gangs that sort of fight other firms and...and also the sense that these people lead kinda double lives, that they can be teachers or have a normal average job. Some of them even have families and then they take part in this very, very kinda of, inhumane, er, existence and that to me, that kind of duality was really fascinating as well. It was a departure from something I've done before, you know.
Emma: In so many ways and yet so similar to stuff you've done before, battles - I mean distinctly less orcs, yeah.
Elijah: Right, [smiles] right, right.
Emma: But you know, you know lots of things maybe more reality-wise are quite similar.
Elijah: Maybe so and funny enough, actually, the theme of sort of friendship, and loyalty and brotherhood - which is a huge part of Lord of the Rings and that's very very present in this film as well and I think ultimately what it's about.
Emma: This young lad, he's got so much going for him, you know, he's doing well, he's got a family, he's on the up - why does he get into this situation?
Elijah: Um...for a variety of reasons. He gets kicked out of college wrongfully, and it's at that point in his life where he's kinda got a lack of identity, doesn't have a real sense of who he is, where he's going and what he's going to do. And it's really in those positions in life that people are most influenced, you know when they're looking for direction, they're looking for self-definition um, and they're looking for friends in a sense of belonging as well, especially in a foreign country.
Emma: Is that something that you identify with as a person, I mean, being an actor can be really, quite nomadic
Elijah: I think it is, but I think it's also something that everybody can relate to, everybody can relate to, um, wanting to belong, er, having close relationships with friends, that those friends sort of being your family and then forming that kind of relationship on your life
Emma: But that must be difficult to try and retain that sense of belonging in an environment where you're continually moving
Elijah: It is true, um, and in a sense everytime I started a new film, it's having to re-establish that because it's always a new environment with new people, um, but I always have that environment at home waiting for me. And I go home and I finish working on a film, I always go home and stay there and have a very normal life and kind of fall into that part of my life as well so...
Emma: Now some these fight scenes in this are truely gruesome -
Elijah: Mmm.
Emma: - Certainly because some of this is base on, you know, real events
Elijah: Yeah
Emma: Er, that must add to the nervousness of being in amongst something that potentially, this is real, this is really what happens -
Elijah: Yeah
Emma: - it must have been frightening?
Elijah: It wasn't necessarily frightening, I mean on the day because they're very choreographed, we weren't scared, we weren't ever in any kind of dangerous situation. But it echos a very real thing that happens and it gave us all a real sense of these fights are like.
[Clips from Green Street are shown for a brief moment]
Emma: Are these guys truly evil, or are they guys that have just fallen into a pattern of behaviour, is this something that's latent in all of us? Can you recognise that side in you at all?
Elijah: Um, I mean I think everybody has that inside of them. Um, you know, be it just energy that they need to get out, some kind of demons they need to exercise wherever that maybe coming from. There's something that you get swept up in, um, I went to a West Ham-Millwall match actually that I got a real sense of - the fact that at any moment it could kick off and I'm not a west Ham supporter really, I'm not a hooligan and not everybody there were hooligans either but if you're sitting in the West Ham area or whatever particular fan group you're sitting with, you get swept up with that energy and you're - you find yourself yelling at the other teammates or at the other, er, fans and you could so easily see how you can get swept up into something that you wouldn't - if you were sitting down talking about it in theory you wouldn't wanna be part of it
Emma: So does that mean in some sense that level of violence is ever [couldn't understand what Emma said, CD skipped]
Elijah: These people feel the need to exercise that part of themselves and yet live a very normal life and aren't necessarily criminals or thugs in their daily lives.
Emma: This kind of lifestyle in Green Street is so far removed from your upbringing, isn't it? As a lad in L.A. There are a thousand pitfalls that you could've fallen into, um, along the way; drugs, alcohol, the Hollywood game of being here for 5 minutes and disappearing and you haven't done that. Why not?
Elijah: [laughs] Um...
Emma: You're really nice!
Elijah: Thank you, erm. I mean I, I owe everything to my mother. You know, I have an incredible mother that raised me as a good human being first and foremost. You know I started working when I was 8 years old so I've been doing this for a long time. But there's a very real home I go home to, um, that doesn't include the sort of ridiculousness of Hollywood and the industry ad she did create a very good seperation between what I do and who I am. I mean when I go home, I kinda tune out to the industry, I don't really go out to parties, hang out with other actors necessarily and I'd like to be able to have that double life and for that life at home to be very distinctly different.
Emma: You talk very passionately about your mum, -
Elijah: Mm.
Emma: Erm, and er, -
Elijah: Yeah, she's amazing.
Emma: - that she's been there, as your oc, by your side.
Elijah: Mm.
Emma: How has she helped you make the kind of moral judgements aout what you've done and the choices that you've made in your career path to date.
Elijah: There was constantly a moral check in terms of the decisions I would make as a human being and erm, I remember when I was really young, she would threaten to take me out of the industry.
Emma: [gasps]
Elijah: 'Cause she knew that I loved it, you know
Emma: Yeah
Elijah: And so if I was ever misbehaving or she saw qualities that she didn't like in me, that was a way to threaten me cause she knew that I'd behave. Um, she would take away, like I remember at a young age she wouldn't let me listen to certain music. There's a lot of things that she kept me away from, you know, to kin of help shape my viewpoint and not allow me to grow up too quickly. And at the time I was frustrated of course cause you want those things and they're sort of forbiden for you and as I got older, I kind of appreciated the fact that she's sort of kept those guidelines because it allowed me to sort of appreciate those things even more as I got older and a different perspective on it.
Emma: You've got brothers and sisters as well, haven't you?
Elijah: Yeah I've a brother and a sister. Its an incredibly supportive family that I have and we all support each other equally. Um, so it's incredible you know, I'm so blessed to have that cause it is difficult to grow up anyway but to grow up in an industry that breathes pretty negative qualities in people and you're told from - you know, if you're starting to get famous, people start treating you like you're better than other people and that you deserve more than anybody else deserves and that creates complexes in people to where they actually believe that and it's sad, it's really sad, it sort of works against you um, and unless you have that sort of, um, base to draw upon then you could lose it very easily.
Emma: Well, I'm glad you haven't -
Elijah: Thank you
Emma: - cause otherwise we wouldn't have had such a nice chat!
Elijah: [laughs] Thank you
Emma: Elijah, thank you very much
Elijah: Thank you, thank you.

That took ages to type out x_x
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