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Hello :) I'm Camilla and I thought I'd post some pics of Elijah from his weekend here in Gothenburg... It was lovely to meet him; he's such a sweet guy!! Anyway, enjoy!! (Oh, and Craig Parker was there as well... For those of you who are interested, check my other posts here: and here: ) Okay, onto the pictures... Warning though: there are many of them and they are big! lol

He looks so sweet!

Talking :)

I have no idea what it is in his mouth, but yeah... hehe :D

His laugh is soo sweet! :D

Elijah and my friend (cut her off, don't want to post her picture without permission)

Elijah and me (cut me off too, I look horrible! lol)

Okay, so here are the pics from today... (the other ones were from yesterday)

Signing again :) Picture from Sin City

Looking very serious! hehe

My friend gave him some tapes with music :)

Waving bye bye :D

Leaning out to take a picture with someone... Still cute :)

Okay, so that's it for now... I have some more good pics and some videos as well which I'll try to upload, but yeah... I hope you enjoyed them :) Oh, and please don't repost without permission! Thank you! :)

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