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Elijah's Birthday!! Let's celebrate!

We all know him. We all love him. Not just because of his acting skills, which are considerable. Not just because of his beauty, which is also considerable. Not just because he made Frodo come alive for us in a way that no one else could ever have done. But also because of who he is as a person! Because he possess an inner beauty which shines as brightly as does his external self. His kindness... his gentleness... his generosity of spirit. These are things that we, as fans, have seen him demonstrate in hundreds, maybe thousands, of encounters. He's never too busy, too tired, or too overwhelmed to stop, and smile, and thank us for our support, and pose for a picture, and sign an autograph. He's as grateful for us as we are for him. And he shows it.

So now as his birthday approaches, ladysnaps and I have created a new community where we can celebrate the birthday of this wonderful young man. The community, sponsored by Always and Forever, Elijah Wood and by the elijah_finds community, exists so we can offer the gifts of our heart and creativity as the time of his birthday approaches. Please visit: elijahsbirthday.

We invite all of you to join this community and post your images, icons, videos, stories, fan-art, or simply your memories. Anything that honors Elijah is welcome. We'll take postings from now until a month after his birthday. Please join us in celebrating the life, the talent, and the spirit of our own beloved: Elijah Wood.

Join elijahsbirthday today.

This will also be posted to the astinwood community and my own LJ so forgive any flist duplications.
Note to mods: If this post is in any way inappropriate please accept my apologies and feel free to delete.

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